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SEO & Webmasters Tools

Our seo tools collection allows webmasters and website owners to improve their website performance regarding search engines rankings. You are free to use these tools from our website and you can also integrate each tool into your website using the simple integration code provided for each tool.
  • Use the Friendly URL Redirect Tool to make sure your site is not dropped into the supplemental index and doesn't get duplicate content penalties.

  • Run the Meta Tags Viewer to have a clear view of your Meta Tags, or even your competitor's.

  • HTTP Headers tool shows you what your web server, or other web servers, return in the HTTP Header section. This is sometimes usefull to find out what kind of hosting features a certain site has (operating system, web server type and version, web server extensions, scripting support and many others).

  • Are you sure the search engine spiders can read your site's content? Use the Content Spider tool to see exactly what's the content that spiders can get from your page. Use the Content Ratio SEO Tool to determine the quality of that code.

  • The Source Viewer tool is a simple workarround for sites that block the view source functionality of the browsers. Call this a hack, we call it a shortcut.

  • The Site Visibility tool allows you to see how many pages from your site are indexed by search engines.

  • Use the Site Popularity tool to see if your site is popular enough among search engines to promote your services, products and brands.

  • Using Site SEO Strength tool you can see the most important SEO specific parameters of your site.

  • Look at your site's evolution in Google by running the existing Data Center tools: Indexed Pages, Inbound Links, Page Rank and Keyword Rankings .

  • Find out how pending changes in Google index will affect your site by finding the datacenters that have the most recent cache of your page in Google.

  • Run the multi keywords rankings tools for Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask and find out how well your site ranks in each search engine for up to 10 keywords.

  • Looking for the best keywords? Looking for a unexplored niche? Looking for some easy to reach rankings? Keep looking for them (and find them) with our Keyword Research Tool. Let the Bulk Keyword Research Tool help you choose your most valuable keywords.