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Internal linking optimization

What is internal linking? Why is it important? What does internal linking have to do with SEO?

Internal linking can be defined as the method used to bound pages between each other within the same website. A good bounding (internal linking) system is required for an easy to use navigation inside the site. By this you provide a good user experience by making sure that every page of your site is accessible and the relevant information in it will be accessed by any visitor.

It is a well known fact that the method search engines use for crawling is following links. A good linking system usually means better, deeper and faster indexing.

It means no orphaned pages that will be entered in the supplemental result; it means more indexed pages, more content available to search engines and higher rankings.

Due to our vast experience in the field and to thorough analysis, we can provide you with the best solution for your website. We can come up with methods that improve a present situation or we can redesign your internal linking to meet your requirements and expectations. We can guarantee a better user experience and an increased visibility from the search engines perspective.