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Synchronization Applications Development

When your business critical data is stored and used by multiple systems, it's often vital to have that data in sync. No matter if you have multiple server applications, or your application is mobile-enabled, or it has offline support, you will need at some point to synchronize the data existing on these systems.

We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the right synchronization solution, perfectlly matching your application's needs:
  • Synchronization servers, including SyncML support, custom data stores and plugable connectors for 3rd party application(DBMS, Groupware Providers, CRM's)

  • Desktop synchronization applications allowing you to synchronize your local data with a remote data store

  • Synchronization clients for existing synchronization servers, covering a wide range of protocols including SyncML or custom/proprietary

  • Mobile synchronization applications allowing you to synchronize your SmartPhone or PDA applications with your application's server using Over The Air (OTA) or Wired connections.
IT Exchange provided synchronization technologies for use in a wide are of fields:
  • Synchronizing Web PIM's with desktop PIM's (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express)
  • Synchronizing online e-commerce data with accounting/stock management information
  • Synchronizing intranet information with the live website data
  • Back-up / restore functionality for a wide range of data stores & applications
  • Offline support for desktop & mobile applications
All synchronization enabled application we developed or synchronization extensions developed for out customers have all the needed synchronization features:
  • Custom folders mapping
  • Custom fields mapping
  • Multiple sections support
  • Conflict detection
  • Conflict resolution policies
  • Duplicate detection
  • Automatic records merging
  • Multiple sync types (quick sync, slow sync, update sync, refresh sync, one way sync, two ways sync, n-ways sync)
  • Custom sync types and actions support
  • Support for plug & play synchronization connectors
  • Automatic, silent and scheduled synchronization