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Office Applications Development

Microsoft Office application and platforms are some of the most widelly spread. Due to the intuitive, easy to use and appealing user interface, it's very easy to work with any application from the Office suite or any 3rd Party application built on top of the Microsoft Office platform.

We have developed custom Microsoft Office plugins that extend our customer's applications and integrate perfectlly into the daily work of their end users:
  • Custom office toolbars, providing direct access to the functionality & data from the business line

  • Custom contextual smart tags, fully responsive to the user's action when creating business reports, documents and email, extracting accurate data directlly from the enterprise application

  • Smart office documents helping business owners and employees to achive their goals in a shorter time and with less effort

  • Custom SharePoint plugins that bring your business closer to your enterprise intranet

  • InfoPath based application that extend enterprise applications with the best distributed forms support